This organization is established to save the nature and the animals. This organization was registered under Indian trust act bearing registration No. BK IV 72 / 2003.

1. The organization has recognized under U/S 80G (5) of income tax act of 1961 for exemption of income tax for the donation paid to the organization.

2. Also certified under section U/S 12A (a) of income tax act 1961.



Prakriti has planted hundreds of trees in Masinagudi village panchayat area namely Masinagudi town, Bokkapuram, Mavanalla and Vazhaithottam. The tree plantation work has been done during 2003-2005. 

The grown up trees planted by Prakriti can be seen on the road sides of Masinagudi, government primary school Bokkapuram, government tribal residential school Mavanalla, government school Vazaithottam. The planted trees can also be seen in other public places. Most of the trees are five to six years old.

Prakriti India conducted educative campaigns in schools and initiated children to plant tree seedlings on their birthdays.


PRAKRITI INDIA has conducted animal health and animal welfare out -reach program in the villages bordering Mudumalai Tiger Reserve and Mukurthi wildlife sanctuary. During 2008-2009 five free animal welfare and health care programs has been conducted.

During 2009-2010 five animal welfare and health care programs has been conducted. Over 500 cattle were cared under the program. All the animals were wormed and vaccinated against foot and mouth disease periodically apart from other health care service. Most of the animals are owned by native tribal, poor farmers and landless laborers.

Prakriti India has conducted animal health and animal welfare programs in association with forest department and other NGO’s.  Prakriti India has conducted animal birth control surgeries on community Dogs and pet Dogs and Cats.

1500 Dogs and 100 Cats were sterilized during 2005-2009. The surgeries were conducted by Dr. M. Sugumaran senior veterinarian and his team.

1500 Dogs were immunized against rabies in the villages bordering mudumalai Tiger Reserve. Prakriti india also helps animals by arranging emergency veterinary service to the sick animals through Bharath animal care clinic at Gudalur. A shelter for disabled and old Cattle, Dogs and small animals has been setup at TR bazaar, Naduvattam village The Nilgiris district and its functions will depend on the financial assistance received from any donor.

2011-13 : 6 Animal welfare campaigns were conducted, over 600 animals were cared. During this period over 1200 animals were treated by our outreach veterinery service.

2010 - 14: 750 Dogs and 120 Cats were sterilized and immunized against rabies and with DHPPLI.


as protection and conservation of nature is a process prakriti india owes to continue the above limited activities in the areas were at present for an unlimited period of time. A forestation work will be done progressively by rising nursery to cater the need for seedlings and by procuring and supplying seedlings from other source. Awareness programs will be conducted as an ongoing activity for children and youth.

Prakriti INDIA will conduct field activities like clearing the plastics materials from the road sides and from polluted areas like tourist and picnic sites. Protecting both wild and domestic animals and conserving endangered animals is the need of the hour.

As everyone aware that 2010 has been declared as the bio diversity year. Prakriti india is also volunteered itself in various conservation services such as worming the domestic cattle and dogs, immunizing them against diseases like foot and mouth disease and rabies in the area bordering mudumalai tiger reserve and adjacent villages closed to mudumalai tiger reserve and mukurthi wildlife sanctuary.
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